Ananias 2.4 released

Decided to pack a new version, this one contains small but important gameplay tweaks, seeking to make the Arcane, Hunter and Alchemist classes be more fun to play. Full changeset available below.

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 12.07.25 AM


  • New skill for Alchemist: Can use reagents multiple times
  • New spell: Momi Gyr (Create Arrows) first circle of Matter magic. Creates a pack of arrows (quantity depends on the magic power)
  • New spell: Rew Ram (Attack self) first cirlce of Mind magic. Makes an enemy attack himself once (works as a ranged attack for wizards)
  • Remove separate spells to recover blunt and edge weapons, add weaker variation of repair weapon
  • Make Hunter start with Momi Gyr spell.
  • Make Arcane start with Rew Ram spell.
  • Reduce MP cost of Kam Va (enchant wand) spell.
  • Change Hunter magic schools to second circle of life and matter.
  • Change Hunter starting magic power to 1.
  • Make starting wands have full charge
  • Cap combat to 13 max


  • Allow closing the action dialog (canceling selection)
  • Tweaks on help screens


  • Create sprites in case they don’t exist, for the gameover screen
  • Fix issue with magic power 0 when used in empty room
  • Prevent targeting yourself on ranged mode
  • Add key captures for arrows to prevent scrolling when embedded.

Plans for the future

I won’t have a lot of time next month for Ananias, however I have a big revamp in mind related to the structure of the world, and the plot of the game. Also pending are some missing steam achievements as well as fixing the steam overlay and finishing the keyboard command (although 90% of the game is now playable using a keyboard).

6 thoughts on “Ananias 2.4 released

  1. Hello I’m a big fan of the game, I play it a year, and I would like to congratulate you for the excellent work, but I have a doubt, some suggestions, a complaint,

    I think it would be cool to add, a wizard, or an evocator like the ones we faced in the game, to play, or even to add a wizard, or even add a wizard,

    2) Complaint: I feel that alchemist and wizard class may be better used if they could use more spells and potions, maybe you could increase the mages’ MP points to 100 MP and
    Regenerate 60% of MP in each level so he can use spells without so many restrictions, because whenever I choose these classes, the MP of the wizard ends very fast and the spells cost a lot MP, and the MP does not regenerate enough to be able to use spells In the next levels besides not finding potions to restore MP, and also and rare to find ingredients for the potions of the alchemist, because in this one I played. I’ve found more herbalism, malaria, antimony, and borax, playing with the magician and the paladin than with the alchemist, I think if he could have greater chances of finding ingredients
    (40 or 50% more for example) would be more fun to play with him

    Do not misunderstand me, I love the game but I often realize that the magician and the alchemists die simply because they are forced to fight hand-to-hand combat, such as a paladin or a barbarian, as they do not find items suitable for their classes or  don’t have MP to use spells or else they can not learn new spells etc.
    And that makes the best part of the game leaves the game with these kind of bland classes, and this takes all the flavor of playing with these classes because you have no reason to play with a magician who can not use spells, Alchemist who can not potions

  2. I would like to report 2 bugs too:
    If you open the game manual when playing it leaves you open to read for a long time the game dies, I use version 4.2 of Android if you help
    And it is not possible to pray to all patrons because some patrons like those who increase their HP and MP simply disappear from the screen depending on the level
    But this does not happen with those who grant incantations like poki, or loki, only with others as I do not know if and intentional or a bug decides to report to you

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