Buccaneer’s Den, from HoBLotH ]|[, Age of Storms

LRUMP is back! I created another map, based on the events of the latest Hearth of Britannia event. For this one I based myself on U4 Bucaneer’s Den, increased the scale by 3X, and then used the map of Castleton as Buccaneer’s Den, made by Rustic Dragon for the event. You can find the source files at … Continue reading Buccaneer’s Den, from HoBLotH ]|[, Age of Storms

New(ish) blog and stuff

So, I’ve decided to rename this from pixals.co into slashland, having in mind that this blog contains news back into 2004 covering several topics of several different kind of projects I’ve gone into. I also decided to integrate two other blogs into this one: the LRUMP project and the Kyouryuu Teikoku (SNES Savage Empire translation). Hopefully … Continue reading New(ish) blog and stuff