Expedition lives! (kind of)

Recently, a good guy named Kay Tila has been working on Expedition, he sent me some initial contributions which we are in the process of integrating into the main repo. (He added some unit tests in order to get a hold on how the game works, and also added an initial implementation for Water consumption)

So, I checked out the project and had it run again, the memories!

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 10.45.37 PM

That being said, I immediately noticed the bad shape in which the current version stands, it seems like I did some really bad things in the last months I worked on the game, which left it basically on an unplayable state: Everything runs too slow, keyboard movement is ever slower. As far as I can remember, it’s all caused because of a multithreaded hell introduced to try to make animations work; even tho they are now disabled, they left a deep scare into the game.

I cannot work on the project right now, since Ananias takes precedence… but when I work back into it, the first thing to be done would be trying to fix it back into a playable state, before even thinking on working on new features.

Expedition v0.4.1 released!

I just noticed there were some pretty bad performance issues over Expedition v0.4, so I decided to jump into them, guns blazing, and kill them.

I did a lot of adjustments, but also decided to disable the rain animation for now. I am sure you, Expedition players, won’t miss it very much… I prefer offering a smoother gameplay than a fancy, half-baked fluffy animation.

Let me know how this plays ūüôā

DOWNLOAD NOW @ ExpeditionWorld.net

Expedition v0.4 Released! 2011 Colombus Day Version!

Just in time for Colombus Day, version v0.4 has been released!

This version shows the first products of the “externalization” facet, you can now create your own UI for the game! I added a new one, using graphics by Denzi, in order to showcase the functionalities, as well as to seek to give expedition its own identity.


Following is the abridged changes log:

  • User Interface externalization
  • 32×32 Denzi tileset
  • Animations for the sea and water.
  • Fog Effect
  • Enhanced mouse movement control
  • Add message history
  • Added a way to check for the latest version from the game
  • Disabled globe map model
  • Prevent human trafficking
  • Small balanced on trading

Full changes log:

Expedition - 0.4
- 0002065: [Bug Report] Villages appear to have a delay effect - closed.
- 0002068: [Task] Use 32x32 Denzi tileset - closed.
- 0002067: [Bug Report] dropping into the sea causes crash - closed.

Expedition - 0.4RC2
- 0001774: [Task] [ACS] Add Fog SFX - closed.
- 0002064: [Bug Report] Ship rotates wildy after having kept the button pressed for a while - closed.
- 0001776: [Task] [ACS] Add Ocean Animation - closed.
- 0002031: [Task] [ACS] Enhance title screen - closed.
- 0002058: [Bug Report] Land sightings seem to be opposite of where the land is located. - closed.
- 0001994: [Task] Connect to slashware.net to seek the latest version - closed.
- 0002060: [Bug Report] 8100 gold difference between full expedition value and "stock myself" - closed.
- 0002057: [Bug Report] [COL] Rewards too small with the change in prices scale - closed.
- 0002056: [Bug Report] Foraging displayed over date - closed.
- 0002055: [Request for Enhancement] Display correct armor for military - closed.
- 0001974: [Request for Enhancement] chopped trees still block LOS - closed.
- 0002059: [Task] [GEO] Disable Globe map model - closed.
- 0001752: [Bug Report] [GEO] Problem reentering Palos from the East - closed.
- 0002024: [Bug Report] [GEO] Enemy expeditions are unable to reach you some times - closed.
- 0002030: [Bug Report] [Geo] Map Seam - closed.
- 0002049: [Bug Report] [GEO] Party "jumps" left one space - closed.
- 0002037: [Bug Report] [Geo] Black sections in display - closed.

Expedition - 0.4RC1
- 0002039: [Task] [ACS] Notify when the ships are not with full crew - closed.
- 0002038: [Task] [ACS] Remove Sauerkraut temporary - closed.
- 0001976: [Request for Enhancement] [TRD] maize farmers trade beans - closed.
- 0002054: [Bug Report] Strange quantity jumps when transfering over the limit - closed.
- 0002040: [Bug Report] Trading with Mount people crashes the game - closed.
- 0002053: [Task] Enlarge morale smilies, remove frame - closed.
- 0002035: [Request for Enhancement] [ACS] See announcement history - closed.
- 0002051: [Bug Report] Problem when landing with an assault expedition - closed.
- 0002052: [Task] [ACS] Make hours pass (it1) - closed.
- 0002036: [Bug Report] [ACS] Repeat display of trade goods. - closed.
- 0002027: [Request for Enhancement] [ACS] Change in where information is viewed. - closed.
- 0002050: [Bug Report] [ACS] Potatoes image blends with background - closed.
- 0002042: [Exploit] Unlimited wealth - closed.
- 0002047: [Bug Report] Erroneous trade value for food - closed.
- 0002046: [Task] [TRD] Increase money scale to prevent exploits - closed.
- 0002045: [Task] [TRD] Prevent human trafficking - closed.
- 0002044: [Task] [NAT] Increase total wood on forests - closed.
- 0002043: [Task] [LND] Restrict woodcutting around native settlements - closed.

Expedition v0.3.1 released!

A new version of Expedition is now available! just in time for the 2011 Annual Roguelike Release Party!

Thanks to the members of the playtesting team, for their feedback and bughunting ūüôā

Take a look at the gameplay video for v0.3.1 !

It comes with the following changes (abridged) from v0.3

  • Dual transfer screen for all equipment transfering operations (to cach√©, to ship, to town, etc)
  • Globe model fixes for expedition and town positioning, increase zoom levels for less funny “gap zones”
  • Allow selling expedition equipment
  • Enhance store screen (bidirectional transfer)
  • Added weapon and armor categories
  • Trading food with natives is now possible
  • Make stores restock
  • Allow controlling volume for SFX and Music
  • Fixes on combat scoring and morale bonuses
  • Show wood costs over the building plan
  • Enhanced rainfall animation
  • Fix exponential food gathering on colonies
  • Fix unit-picking algorithm for combat

Expedition works in Windows, Linux and Mac. A Windows JRE bundle is provided.

Download from: http://slashware.net/blog/expedition-the-new-world/

The Expedition Roadmap

This map resumes what Expedition is intended to become through the contributions of the Internet community. We have identified seventeen different fronts of action we’ll be tackling one after the other.

We want to share this with you, because we need your love to make this dream a reality ūüôā

(Click to see the full versions)

How can you help? The first thing we need help with is choosing what front to tackle first. Please let us know what you think here or here. We will then proceed to set up fundraising campaigns over indiegogo and 8bitfunding based on your opinion. In the mean time check out another means of contributing here

Thank you!

Expedition v0.3 Released!

Hello all!

Expedition will be a turn based sandbox of the XV Century World. It will take the best from great series like Uncharted Waters, Pirates!, Seven Cities of Gold and Colonization, along with a mix of historical elements of its own. In Expedition you will be able to explore the whole world, trade, combat, settle and discover wonders.

After weeks of development, version 0.3 now ready for the public! This is the first version released by Slashware Interactive as an independent game studio. Remember you can support us by acquiring your supporter license and branding your copy with your name!

Thanks to all the playtesters who helped spot issues and checked the UI for usability!

This version of Expedition is available for free! Please download the game and let us know your suggestions for improvement.

Also remember to like us on facebook  and follow us  to keep up to date with new versions and improvements

You can download the game from the game page, you might also want to check the gameplay video

The whole v0.3 branch seeks to enhance greatly the appearance and usability of the game. This version comes with the following changes from v0.2.2:

  • Full mouse based User Interface
  • Globe map model, simulates the spheroid shape of Earth instead of playing on a flat projection
  • Full screen mode
  • Remade screens for stores, inventory, trade offer and equipment transfer
  • Special effects for raining and storms
  • Preselected landing groups to ease disembarking
  • Units healing and doctors
  • Ship Anchoring
  • Transfer supplies for x days instead of quantity
  • Enhanced battle screens
  • Enhaced keybindings
  • Sea Days Counter
  • Enhanced memory usage
  • Dump Critical Exceptions to log file

Find the full changelog at the mantis repo

Hope to hear your comments!

Development of Expedition v0.3 goes strong!

We have been working hard in Expedition v0.3!

This version will come with two great changes: The Globe Map model and a whole UI revamp allowing complete mouse control.

Stay tuned!

  • Mouse UI
    • Title Screen
    • Select Scenario Screens
    • Intro Screen
    • Inventory
    • Store
    • Item Transfer
    • Orthogonal Movement
    • Ship Movement (Turtle based)
    • Command and Action Icons
    • Load Game
    • Custom mouse cursors
    • Look command
    • Unit Selection for Trading
    • Accept Native Settlement Offer
    • Building Plan
    • Graphical Prompts (Y/N)
    • Graphical Prompts (Multiple Options)
  • Globe Map Model