The Age of Storms – A short story

Last week I was at the Hearth of Britannia: Lifeblood of the Hearth ]|[ event which was awesome. I got to make countless new friends, as well as meet very interesting people including Lord British, Denis Loubet, Manda, Iolo, Warren Spector and many others.

And, since I couldn’t get this out of my head, I decided to write a short story based loosely on some of the events that happened there, put together in a single timeline. I hope you enjoy reading about The Age of Storms!!


Articles from the past

I was digging thru my old server content today and found the following

Cartagena, the fantastic

Benkos Biohó
Manuel Zapata once taught me
Domingo Benkos Biohó,
broke his chains in Cartagena,
and in “La Matuna” founded

“Palenque” – hoping to live a new morrow
and get his people together,
to let them to sing out their sorrow,
he told me so…

Lemaitre also did teach me,
the spaniards never gave up…
Against privateers from England
their patience almost ran out…

And they raised the most sturdy stone rampart,
to save the lives of their people,
and to protect their escutcheon,
he told me so…

Walls of Cartagena