The Olympic pictograms

The Olympic Games are a celebration that comprises more than sports.

My personal highlight of this year’s Olympic Games opening ceremony was a videoclip made to celebrate the creation and the evolution of the pictograms used to represent every discipline, as these were born in the Tokyo 1964 Olympics.

I am not a professional graphics artist, but I really enjoyed the production, its music and the little details in the desktops of the designers as they were shown ideating and illustrating the pictograms, with their tools, references and more mundane items. So here’s a capture of all of them, enjoy!

Final Fantasy IV Trailer Sound Remake

Years ago, SquareEnix created an awesome CGI video for their FFIV remake for the Nintendo DS.

The intro video is great, and in the background, it has remasters of the legendary Theme of Love, as well as a more upbeat theme (I believe it’s an overworld exploration theme). However… there are no sound effects!


I think the video would be much better with sound effects and some voice acting, but I searched for a version that included that and couldn’t find it (please let me know if you know about it!).

Just for fun, I did some audio spotting that could be useful for a project to include these; I’m not sure I would ever get into it, but I’m posting it here in case someone would find it useful or would be interested in collaborating.

Check it out here