Artist needed for Bird Mansion

We are looking for an artist to remake the room illustrations for our “Bird Mansion” game.

Bird Mansion is a simple point and click adventure game, similar to Shadowgate or Deja Vu. It’s set on a terrorific theme, on a true H.P. Lovecraft style.

This is a freeware game we are only seeking to complete in order to add it to our portfolio. This is also an oportunity for you to showcase your work, we will add a link to your homepage from the title screen.

The game is currently available at . The original art set is a bit abstract and we are looking for something more figurative, yet dark and creepy. It’s also incomplete due to unavailability from its artist.

Following are the required assets:

  • 800×600 illustrations
    • 38 for the game rooms. Descriptions are already on place.
    • 3 for the game intro
    • 3 for the game ending
    • 1 for the title screen
  • Illustrations for 35 items
If you are interested please send your portfolio and your proposal to
Following some screenshots:

Bird Mansion Reborn

Back in 2008, I made this game for TIGSource’s CPB Compo. It was so unpopular and irrelevant that, in anger, I tried to delete it from the face of earth.

Today I brought it back,  after all the game is *finished* (at least in the programming side), and a finished game is something worth showing, even if the game is not wildly popular.

Bird Mansion is a room-based adventure game, similar to Shadow Gate or Deja Vu albeit much simpler, you can access it online (No need to download anything). It features creepy art and a complete quest. Check it out at


I think the game would work better if it had less abstract graphics for the rooms. Any artist interested?