Yet Another (Big) Restructuring

Some changes again going on!

Slashware Interactive has revived as a game development brand, Slashware Software Solutions is now the brand name for the currently inactive corporate software development line and the ancient has arisen again! that has brought the following website changes… has revived (and is gone); the ancient e107 installation has been removed and its contents merged with the former is my collection of game projects, with a very personal touch. (New website); holds the games that are finished products meant for public consumption. It’s still a bit buggy, there’s work to be done to reenable SSL certificates, relocate stuff and update some of the games to the latest changes on the facebook micropayments API.

Finally, acts as the website for Slashware Software Solutions, basically holding the entry points for Slashware’s three products that still gotta be polished for the public (However they are readily accesible already!)

Slashland, on the other hand, is this blog… and it’s very closely tied to, except I can find no way for them both to coexist since won’t let me host the blog in a subdomain (or does it?) in any case it may end up as either or

Let me know what you think and any findings! I’m keeping all pending tasks for the websites on this trello board.

Guardian of RogueBasin

Slashware Interactive has been appointed as the Guardian of RogueBasin, the roguelike wiki. We are hoping to make a good job to ensure its continuous operation and growth

The Guardian of the Roguebasin is the person or company responsible for keeping the RogueBasin software up and running.

The title was established on August 2011, because of the need of having a visible head in front of maintaining the operation of the wiki.

The Guardian of Roguebasin has the following functions:

  • Keep the wiki software up to date
  • Ensure protection against spam and spambots, by coordinating efforts with the community
  • Install new components as per community request
  • Ensure the wiki content is according to the community guidelines
  • Take monthly backups of RogueBasin database and place it on a publicly available online location

The OpenXRL initiative

“XRLs” are roguelikes themed around a popular series, in this page you will find games based on classic Nintendo series such as Castlevania, Metroid, Zelda and Megaman. You will also find a tribute to Richard Garriots’ “Ultima” series, in the shape of “Escape from Mt. Drash: The Roguelike” (Which, paradoxically, was not produced by Mr. Garriot)

All of these games have something in common, they are intended not to be overly complex to get into: keybindings have been reduced, music has been introduced (and graphics in some of them) and gameplay is straightforward. They can be considered coffeebreak roguelikes

Over the years, I have been developing them on and off, but I have found my limited human energy not to be enough to turn them into what I want; they have remained interesting – yet unpolished. Thus, the openXRL initiative came into being.

I have released all of these games under the GPLv3 Open Source License, you are now free to develop them. If you want to become the (official) maintainer of one of these games, just contact me and I will be glad to be of assistance. The following are the only requirements.

  • Proficiency on Java Development
  • Love for the series on which the game is based
  • Having developed another roguelike is desired
  • Be Warned, the source code of some of these is scary, only brave people go ahead!

So, without any further ado, I present you the games! TAKE A LOOK!

Plans for March 2010

Week 1: Integrate and under the same flag!

Week 2: 2010 7DRL Challenge: Participate, because I cant break my record!

Week 3: Expedition: Winner of the March Powerpoll!

Week 4: Pixal: Integrate everything into the world browser