Ananias 2.0 funding campaign finished

Two months ago I posted a campaign hoping to get enough funds to take Ananias to a new level. The campaign is over now, I managed to raise 141USD out of the planned 2.000USD (About 7%)


Thanks to all 9 contributors and the many other people who shared the campaign!

I will not be able to implement all that I intended in the short term, but I’ll still keep pushing forward!

  • Powerful Magic Spells: Won’t be able to implement all the spells but will still add some with area of damage and others damaging all enemies in the room or level. A bunch of new status effects including spells to cause them on the enemies have been implemented.
  • New Items: I really wanted to do this. Hats/Helmets will be implemented (Mr. Denzi sent me the art for the inventory screen already!) the rest of item categories will have to wait.
  • Monster Manipulation Magic: Won’t be implemented for now.
  • The Ruined City of Adrianopolis: Won’t be implemented for now.
  • Support for mods: Won’t be implemented for now.

I’ve sent an email to contributors asking for additional info for the perks, if you are a contributor and didn’t get the email, contact me!

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