Life of Chuckles – Ludum Dare 40

(I must have posted this some weeks ago, but I’ve been a bit busy!)

My name is Santiago and I’m a game jam addict.

But, for some reason, I had never done a Ludum Dare. It was about time so I jumped into it right after I finished Github Game Off (crazy!)

The theme for Ludum Dare 40 was “The more you have, the worse it is“. I created a game where you have to juggle an ever-growing set of responsibilities as you grow up, while at the same time you try to have a happy life.


The way I programmed the game, I could have added much more content to the life of chuckles, including branching situations and dilemmas. But I feel I managed to convey the message I wanted to express.


The game was made using the Phaser+ES6+Webpack bootstrapper and used JSFXR for sound.

Source code is available at Github. Play now at and don’t forget to report thy feat if you manage to win 🙂