Expedition: Days 30, 31, 32, 33

Running into a storm
Running into a storm
Trying to survive
Trying to survive
What lies into the land?
What lies into the land?


  • Configured different terrain food modifiers
  • Fixed refresh bug on the jcurses version
  • Ship movement is now facing based instead of orthogonal
  • Added Wind currents
  • Ship speed is determined by its sailing point (which depends on it’s heading and direction of the wind: Beating, Close-Beam-Broad Reach, Running)
  • Forest and mountains now block LOS
  • Storms are now generated and can grow or shrink, they are also displaced by the wind and block your LOS
  • Storms destroy your ships and make you get lost
  • Special points of sail for storms (On Poles, Surfing)

Aprox. Work Time: 98:00 (88:00+2:00+2:00+2:00+4:00)

Expedition: Days 25 and 26

Advancing towards a graphical UI, SERF is being updated with a simple reusable gfx layer dubbed “Oryx-UI”. Implementation goes on.

I also corrected a small but kind of stopper bug, which won’t allow people to travel back into Spain 😦 may be it’s worth a release.

First shot with graphics
First shot with graphics

Aprox. Work Time: 80:00 (74:00+4:00+2:00)

2010 7DRL Challenge – Day 1, the start

And so it was, that the 7th 7DRL Challenge started…

Well, I wanted to start on Saturday but it was impossible, ended up starting around 5:00 PM on Sunday. Hoping for having a lot of time next Saturday and Sunday!

Lali in the town
Lali in the town

See the video

I was planning to just grow out a new game from the Expedition source code… but after spending 30 minutes into the horrible refactoring process I knew it was going nowhere…. although the need of sacrificing underlying code quality (and structure) in exchange for having a working product is something I have accepted before, this time I am going the other way!

So, I used the first day to make the SERF Engine work again, and actually managed to get a walk in the map demo working, with all the needed components. The only missing thing here are autonomous entities (a.k.a. “Monsters”) but I can’t spend more time into it, for now! You can download the source code, for examination, here: SimpleRL source code. Part of Serf 0.7

SERF is a roguelike game framework, you create roguelikes by defining the entities’ structure, their actions, the level generators, etc. It’s meant to save you work with the basic things, but it wont make wonders if you don’t know how to use it! (and it is aimed at developers, not end users).

Someone may find it useful some day, for now, I am the main user 🙂  It is also open source…

Anyhow, as a result SERF 0.7 has been released. Tomorrow I will start the real SERF module for the 7DRL!

Aprox Work Time: 4:00