Expedition: Days 30, 31, 32, 33

Running into a storm
Running into a storm
Trying to survive
Trying to survive
What lies into the land?
What lies into the land?


  • Configured different terrain food modifiers
  • Fixed refresh bug on the jcurses version
  • Ship movement is now facing based instead of orthogonal
  • Added Wind currents
  • Ship speed is determined by its sailing point (which depends on it’s heading and direction of the wind: Beating, Close-Beam-Broad Reach, Running)
  • Forest and mountains now block LOS
  • Storms are now generated and can grow or shrink, they are also displaced by the wind and block your LOS
  • Storms destroy your ships and make you get lost
  • Special points of sail for storms (On Poles, Surfing)

Aprox. Work Time: 98:00 (88:00+2:00+2:00+2:00+4:00)

2 thoughts on “Expedition: Days 30, 31, 32, 33

  1. Indeed! I played a lot of the commemorative edition and years later came to know about the original one. I took a lot of inspiration from these.

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