JSRL – JavaScript boilerplate roguelike released

Well, I decided to release this based on my work this year on Monster Trainer Roguelike; one of my first mistakes was spending time during the 7DRL to build a simple generic roguelike engine as a basis for the game… the question is, I never released it in such simple form! I decided to release it as I think it may be helpful for devs to use as a starting point for their roguelike or character based games!

It’s now in github at https://github.com/slashman/jsrl, you can also check the online demo here

If you are curious what kind of games can be created from it, check Monster Trainer Roguelike


What is this about

A very bare bones roguelike with a character based display


  • Player can walk around
  • Raycasting Field of View algorithm
  • Player can move between persistent levels
  • Enemies move around chasing the player
  • Player can pick up, drop and use items (including using items on a given direction)
  • Player remembers visited maps
  • A simple Being class based on Races definitions, with “random” and “follow player” intents
  • A simple Item class based on Item Type definitions
  • Infrastructure for Level Generation
  • Line wrap text boxes

How to use

  • Clone the repo
  • Delete .git
  • Create awesoem gaem


Uses unicodetiles for IO – http://tapiov.net/unicodetiles.js/


A roguelike based in the ROGUE ONE Star Wars story

Play online now!


How to play?

Your mission is to infiltrate Scarif, find the blueprints of the Death Star and beam them to the Rebellion mothership hovering over the planet.


Press Enter plus a direction to fire your ranged weapon, press space bar to access your inventory and use items, or pick up items, or use stairs when you find them.


Every two levels you’ll get to select a new skill for your character, these are triggered just by moving around (for example, cornering an enemy against a wall or jumping on a wall to evade them)



Rogue one was pretty cool, so I decided to mod Rodney and transform it into a new game.

It was not a straightforward conversion tho… Rodney has no ranged combat, which is essential to the Star Wars universe, so I had to implement it. Needless to say it was no easy task since the game was design to have all action happen sequentially (i.e. the outcomes of all enemies actions happened immediately).

I also removed the “light source” mechanics (which are a pretty big thing in Rodney) since they didn’t make much sense on this new universe.

The online features of Rodney (basically a “community” level where people could move around and chat) were also disabled since the websockets server for Rodney is disabled, I couldn’t invest time into that and I’m not sure it even adds something to the game.

I’m thinking on making a graphics version, since Rodney already supports graphics, but I’m trying to get some help from a pixel artist. Please contact me if you are interested.