The Actor

Yesterday I created the basic class “Actor”, which shares capabilities of both the Being, Item and MapCell classes in terms of having an appearance, a position and belong to a world. It hasn’t had too many repercutions in the project, and has served up to now just to make some polymorphic methods.

I got to clean 83 “errors” now, as I’m building again. The Console UI that I have been doing needs a bit of development but in general terms it has been defined. Lot of decitions have been made, and now the Perception calculated for the being also includes the Actor it perceives, which are used by the “pick” methods of either the UserInterface or the ArtificialIntelligence modules.

I just wish I could define namespaces in Java to get rid of the boring import things that keep me losing my time. 90% of the errors I get when building relate to unknown class names..

I have moved to a new house and I don’t have internet connection yet, so I’m writing from work.

I hope to finish the ConsoleUI and have my @ running in a static dungeon from evil and stupid mindless monsters by the end of the weekend, wish me luck!

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