The UI now display messages from the actions, these are shown only if they are emitted by the PC or if the Being that tries to emit them belongs to the current perception of the PC.

Also, I fixed some bug with the action picking UI device; as all the beings in the world use the same set of Action objects I was having an issue with the targets of the Actions. If a monster picked an Action, set the targets for it and then executed it, and then the PC picked the same action he would execute it with the same previous targets. It was all because of the Action events but didn’t pick targets for the Action, and then he executed it. It was a problem with the “waitAction” method.

I am having problems with the “inkey” method…. I can’t get to translate the Java event based keyboard input to a more “QB” way of doing things, which is necessary to obtain player input in some places.. I have decided to continue bash-fixing-advancing with the Actions, as the engine has advanced a lot this way.

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