Guardian Angel @ CREAR


The presentation of Guardian Angel at the creativity fair was all of a sucess!!!

People liked it a lot, and most of them were interested on it, to the point of pushing me to continue developing it even more!!!

I also got (very valuable) input from some teachers and professionals, which will help me in the development of the AI modules.

The presentation showed the architecture of the engine, which was a division in 5 layers, one of the was Wing, the meta-engine, responsible of the
coordination of the different Actors… Wing can be used for applications other than Guardian Angel or games, as there are many situations in
practical life where there are actors belonging to a World…..

The Scenario layers isnt finished yet, that’s why there is no “game” yet, I hope to get to this point soon, so that I can show something worthy here.

I will translate the docs I had to present, just in case somebody feels like reading them!

By the way, some people now calls me the “Guardian Angel” at university ;p

I hope someone readed this ;D

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