Should Wing handle overworld maps with locations?

Certainly not; Wing mustn’t even handle the world has a container of MapCells. It was first intended to do so, but as I see it now, the World class of Wing doesn’t make any use of the MapCell data. So from now on, it will be GWorld the one that is a container of mapcells, in the shape of an overworld and a set of locations. This allows for example the creation of engines that have only one overworld, or the use of Wing for say a Factory simulation which is a single plane of physical passive actors.

An important question comes here; if Wing must communicate with the user interface, how will it tell it to show the World, if it knows not its distribution, without recurring to Guardian Angel? The response is clear, Wing doesn’t shows any information about the world, it shows the perception of the main Actor. So, the Actor uses it senses to catch information about the world in a way specific to the engine, and informs Wing about all the appearances he felt and in what place they were, so that Wing can tell this to the UI.

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