A new year has begun

And so, 2006 is gone.

It was a pretty sucessful year as for game development goes. CastlevaniaRL advanced from a bare proof of concept which couldnt even be won, to a playable product (altough unpolished, see later), together with music and an hi quality tileset; it got a decent ammount of attention, although it seems the Java requirements have somewhat prevented people from using it. Also, we had two website migrations, and altough the community and the download count has remained small, I hope it will be noticed more in the future.

Two 7DRL challenges left us with DrashRL, very simple at first and about to get a brand new game-changing release soon, and MetroidRL in which I experimented with several ideas (like inventory-less, level-less, randomly generated world distribution, etc).

Guardian Angel was not really developed all along the year; all energy went to CvRL and DrashRL on the later part. However, I included it on my university thesis as a concept. I may work on it on the second half of 2007, for now I must polish the other projects first.

Some projects were started, but couldn’t really lift off. That is the case of the Smile Engine, which got some attention but seemingly not enough, neither by me or the ‘DevTeam’.

The roguebasin went on this year, and we had to move from Pav server to roguelikedevelopment.org, where it was updated to the latest mediawiki version and the logo was finally put in place.

As for the resume of my personal life, it can be found at http://santiagoz.livejournal.com

So here go the plans for this year, as for game development:

DrashRL (http://slashware.net/web)
Born as a sucky 7DRL, I am spending a lot of time on this one… version 0.3 will be basically a different game, with lots of spells, combat maneuvers, graphics, sounds, quick gameplay, etc. It is currently on the second playtesting and I will release the official 0.3 before february

CastlevaniaRL (http://slashware.net/web)
This year started with a playable, though incomplete version… and now I am really proud on how it is evolving. 2007 will see the release of version 1.25a, which will be a bugfixes version, and 1.26, which will dramatically update the gameplay so there is less grinding and the game is funnier. It is planned to be released before March. Later on, I plan to work on the cellphone version.

MetroidRL (http://slashware.net/web)
It got some pretty nice comments, and I generally like the ideas I experimented with this, so I will be giving it some attention after CvRL 1.25a

Guardian Angel (http://peltkore.net/~szdev/ga/)
This may be my first commercial game, so I am moving the working window to the second half of 07.

And that’s it for the goal list, I just hope I can get enough time and willpower to work it out.

All that is needed is a task list, decent feedback and time to spend 😉

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