Okay, yesterday I worked a bit on the manbeast (blind work, I couldnt test), and today I finished him. A good thing: It is now a much more interesting class, being able to morph into 5 different shapes, pack special punches and slashing attacks and also: they can lose their minds while morphing if you are not skilled, thus getting out of your control for as long as the morph takes place!

The control of the player character is relayed to a programmed ActionSelector module (an AI module if you want, it is just that the term isn’t really well used :P) which will blindly seek the monsters on sight and bash them against the scenary. Some skills and equipment prevent this backfire from happening.

Clic here for a picture

Thus, all character classes skills and advancement paths have been programmed. An important step towards 1.26!

Next comes the nightmarish word: Balance.

I must assign consistent values to all monster, items and actions stats. This will take a bit (I guess) but it is SO important 😉

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