MyBuddy: Day 1

In an effort to create something different than my usual hobby projects (something different than a standalone java roguelike), I have embarked on a noble task: creating a facebook module for people to enjoy and use.

CodeName is MyBuddy: Slashie My Buddy

What will it be about? it will allow you to have one (for now) virtual “buddy”, a character you can buy clothing and accesories for using virtual slashbucks ™. Also, you can buy things for your friends buddies, and they will love you. probably.

Ok, so today was the first development day. more development will probably come next weekend. Let’s see what happened.

* Made a draft of the Entity-Relationship model, and made some ammendments on the run
* Made a draft of the Use Case model
* Divided use cases into 3 iterations
* Prototyped some important screens for iteration 1
(All this was made in a sheet of paper, which was by accident affected by residual water from an incorrectly located glass, damage was minimal)
* Implemented a basic DAO infrastructure, including a lazy instantiation schema
* Implemented all entity classes
* Implemented utility Resource class, representing an image or any other kind of physical resource.
* Implemented ImageUtils class, used to load, save and overlay images
* Implemented the BuddyComposer component, which creates a buddy image based on its clothing and body data
* Implemented SimpleCompositeTest, along with a complete test data generation component
(All this was made in Eclipse IDE, my home installation lacked Web Tools, and I didnt have MySQL server nor Apache Tomcat installed, so while they were been downloaded through my sluggish internet connection, I decided to work on the buddy composer)
* Made some ugly temporary images for testing
* Tested SimpleCompositeTest, results were satisfactory

These are some of the results

Current project status
Aprox. Work Time: 7 hours
Source Files: 15
LOC: 747 (Lines of Code)
CLOC: 17 (Comments LOC)
SLOC-L: 492 (Logical Source LOC)

LOC status via the nice tool, LOCMetrics

That’s it for today!

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