My Buddy: Day 4 (Night)

Getting close to a deadly deadline at work (December 7th, wish me luck…) has rendered me unable to work as much as I wanted in the project…

… still, I won’t let that stand on my way! 😀

Got home pretty tired from full saturday work, replenished energy via sleep() and got back up at 10:30 PM, perfect timing for coding 🙂

* Set up a local MySQL 5.0 Server
* Set up an evaluation copy of NaviCat MySQL
* Configured MySQL datasource on Eclipse
* Refactored “Anathomy” for “Anatomy” everywhere (ugly code is no good :))
* Implemented resolveURL() method on Resource class based on resource type (for public resources, etc)
* Implemented cascade postback functionality on createBuddy.jsp
* Implemented anatomies, buddies and bodies Data Access Methods
* Finished “Create Buddy” use case (goal for the night)

Current project status
Aprox. Work Time: 13:30 hours (11:00 + 2:30)
Source Files: 19
LOC: 1120 (Lines of Code)
CLOC: 93 (Comments LOC)
SLOC-L: 670 (Logical Source LOC)

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