MyBuddy: Day 7

Okay, this took longer than I thought…

* Fixed some holes in the database model (buddies not belonging to users, entities requiring both a public and a server side resource)
* Implemented a generic “Show Buddies” page, from which you can “Get Clothing” or “Setup Buddy”
* Remade part of “Get Clothing” so it works with a Buddy instead of a chosen anatomy (more user friendly)
* Implemented Buddy Cloth Wearing
* Made buddy auto-wear clothing once bought (thus had to make sure the BuddyComposer component was working in the web application)
* Implemented a female stupid looking buddy anatomy, just for fun

Some Pics

The buddies screen, showing the female, mean looking, buddy

Is there anything more sexy than a panty girl with shirt?

Wearing jeans…

Aprox. Work Time: 25:00 hours (19:00 + 6:00)
Source Files: 25
LOC: 1965 (Lines of Code)
CLOC: 110 (Comments LOC)
SLOC-L: 1152 (Logical Source LOC)
Database Tables: 9

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