MyBuddy: Day 9

Got home feeling a bit disappointed about someone… (myself?) Any work on mybuddy was unlikely to be done. Again, probability played against me

* “Create Clothing” Use Case started. Storage of clothing data
* A generic resource popup window, which lists both PUBLIC and SERVERSIDE resources allowing choice for other admins
* Integration of such window with Create Clothing, allows picking the public picture and the visuals for the cloth being created.
* Malstrom contributted to the project with a logo, which you can see at the top of this page

Next: Plugging in Commons FileUpload into such window, and allow creation of new resources from there.


Creating some footwear

Such popup window

Aprox. Work Time: 29:30 hours (28:00 + 1:30)
Source Files: 30
LOC: 2329 (Lines of Code)
CLOC: 125 (Comments LOC)
SLOC-L: 1370 (Logical Source LOC)
Database Tables: 9

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