MyBuddy: Day 20

Hard times at work, life while on a software company is never easy… I guess. Little time, lots to do, usual stuff

The done
* Implement unique identifier for buddyClothing
* Add navigation bar
* Destroy Buddy
* Unequip items
* Equiped inventory for buddies

The pending
* Currencies System
* Buddy befriend requesting
* Remove all references to Clothing for Item
* Add session security for fighting service and pages
* Filter armor on weapon choice
* Implement Battle Record
* Implement battle prizes
* Create items, a lot of them
* Remake buddy anatomies


Aprox. Work Time: 63:00 hours (57:00 + 6:00)
Source Files: 78
LOC: 6652 (Lines of Code)
CLOC: 177
SLOC-L: 3122 (Logical Source LOC)
Database Tables: 14

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