PixelWars: Day 23

Will day 24 be the first testing release? much likely!

So, everything is mostly working… I must polish some things, like the messages, and add some other ornamental items (helmets, boots, gauntlets, etc). I must also coordinate with the projects graphics designer about the site look and feel 🙂

I will also probably add for buddy customization (adding beards and hair, mostly). Probably 😛

* Implemented attacks per day control, you can only attack X times per day (depends on your fighter level)
* Added session security for fighter pages and controller
* I spent a lot of time loading the initial tileset, from the cool paperdolling set used in dungeon Crawl, RLTiles. Which will be properly credited, of course.

I probably did some other things, but my brain is burning ATM, so I dont remember 😛

Here goes some pics:

The profile screen with some evil looking fighters

Choose your enemy well

The battle starts, I will smack you down Paulita!

But she was stronger than I thought…

This is a well armed lady’s

A backup crossbow always help

Aprox. Work Time: 75:00 hours (67:00 + 8:00)
Source Files: 84
LOC: 7539 Lines of Code
SLOC-L: 3469 (Logical Source LOC)
Database Tables: 14

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