Pixalguild: Day 39

On the way to the release!

– Guild upgrades must cost gold, not megabucks
– Calculate total guild wins and losses
– Replenish Action Points
– Check against action points before attacking
– Recalculate Daily store inventory
– Fix items names and validate they are being used everywhere
– Allow player to pick main fighter on duels
– Fix Messages formatting
– Split notifications by days, show latest days
– Show strongest fighters on homepage with their stats


* Make new user screen including main fighter
* Add Search users screen
* Additional user info
* Add notifications for fights
* Facelift buy screen, add shopkeeper
* Spanish localization
* Set gold cost for items
* Show hour and minute on messages
* Add guild addornments

Aprox. Work Time: 114:30 (108:30 + 6:00)
Source Files: 96
LOC: 9761
SLOC-L: 4592
Database Tables: 23

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