Bird Mansion: Days 1, 2, 3, 4

Ok, so I decided to tackle the game, basically during the last week of the competition.

I was optimistic first, decided then and raging afterwards… the engine could be completed, most of the art was sent, and we could release a half-baked version in time.

… However …

….  I dont like half-baked software! 🙂

So, I have decided to finish this, make it complete as I wanted first. I hope to finish tomorrow.

Heck, this has taken a lot of time, I wonder if someone who plays the end product notices?

The current version stands here. Tickets have also been included into the mantis repo, you can see the roadmap here

Aprox Work Time: 15:00 (2:00+3:00+6:00+4:00)

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