A new year has begun

And so, 2008 is gone

It was a pretty sucessful year as for game development, with a complete change of directions. Project Pixal, formerly codenamed “MyBuddy”, advanced from being a side-project to relax myself from roguelike development to become my main project, almost all development work for this year was spent on this, and it advanced from some lines of code on my PC to a public released websites with a few important testing members.

CastlevaniaRL, DrashRL, MetroidRL and ZeldaRL got no attention all year long, staying frozen with some request for enhancement made in the last half of the year. No releases were made though.

libjcsi was released as an independant software lib under LGPL, 2 versions were made and there is at least one roguelike out there which uses it for output!

The roguemundi was also greatly enhanced, allowing people to register themselves and be plotted into the roguelike world map. 270 people have already added them in, most of them in the first month.

A 7DRL challenge left us with MegamanRL, an experiment with a side scrolling roguelike which got some nice reviews but didn’t really stand for a fully enjoyable game. It however allowed for user created content, but its capabilities were not fully exploited.

The first <1KBRL challenge (Less than 1 KB roguelike challenge) left us with LUCK, it was a very interesting exercise, and I could get a lot more into it than I first thought I would.

Guardian Angel was not really developed all along the year; all energy went to Pixal and LUCK

The “Temple of The Roguelike” was online all year long, getting an activity peak on March. It has established itself as a popular information media about roguelikes, even with a great lack of continuous updates.

So here go the plans for this year, as for development:

Pixal ( http://pixalnation.net)
There are lots of things on the roadmap, I will soon put it online but this basically means the goal is to have a completed version for June

CastlevaniaRL ( http://slashie.net )
There is already a big and growing list of RFEs and BRs… I will find a space to work them out by March and thus release CvRL 1.3

And that’s it for the goal list, I just hope I can get enough time and willpower to work it out.

All that is needed is a task list, decent feedback and time to spend ;)

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