SpriteGears: Day 1

This is the game I am thinking on developing for the TigSource Assemblee contest!

My time has been scarse, and my January vacations were cancelled… Still, the dream must not die!

I have been thinking a lot about the game original idea, and changed the vision completely into something which may be bigger yet more easier to handle for the deadline…

SpriteGears (Working title)

The player has a big ship and travels around the universe collecting SpriteGears, the goal is to destroy the shadow creatures whom are treating the universe. The player’ big ship is his HQ, he can have many spritegears and fighter ships on his decks.

Player encounters enemies while travelling the universe, including some alien factions sided with the creatures of chaos.

So far, there are the following modes:

  • Travelling mode, the player travels from sector to sector, using a star map. He may encounter hostile parties on his way, engaging them.
  • Exploration mode: The player deploys some of his force (Fighter ships and spriteGear) into a sector, and explores it in a tabletop like way.
  • Combat mode: Turn based strategy.
  • Supply mode: Buy things on planets or space stations.

Design will go first, so I present some brand new mockups!

Aprox. Work Time: 4:00

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