Expedition: Day 35

Lots of work putting to work the native settlements with their cultures and what-not. Now they try to deploy troops if the player is near and if they are hostile, and each culture has different units and size, etc.

The Aztecs are unfriendly with me
The Aztecs are unfriendly with me

The combat system really needs to be worked out.

Pending for next version release, which I hope to release before next Friday (RC1)

  • Allow assaulting native towns to steal their goods
  • Allow wood chopping
  • Add temperature and weather calculation (impacts storm generation)
  • Fix the stopper bugs reported
  • Ensure the combat system is working decently (if not optimally)
  • Adjust the GFX UI a bit
  • Validate the Console UI is up to date and adjust for not-eye

Aprox. Work Time: 116:00 (111:00+5:00)

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