Expedition: Days 38 and 39

Weather works now. I spent day 38 designing how to handle it and day 39 coding.

It works based on this table:

The weather transitions table
The weather transitions table

I decided to go for a simple state transition model instead of going completely atmospheric because… I think it will provide a “good enough” simulation! That doesn’t mean there aren’t some transitions tied to the world and expedition status (like terrain and temperature), but for the most, this table rules the transitions.

I think it works pretty ok (in conjunction with the storms, which I love).

Running from a storm
Running from a storm
Let's land here til the heavens calm
Let's land here til the heavens calm
Time to resume our journey
Time to resume our journey


  • Add temperature calculation
  • Increase storm chance on the doldrums
  • Fix the stopper bugs reported
  • Ensure the combat system is working decently (if not optimally)
  • Adjust the GFX UI a bit
  • Validate the Console UI is up to date and adjust for not-eye
  • Implement Inventory screen on the GFX version

Aprox. Work Time: 126:00 (120:00+2:00+4:00)

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