Expedition: Day 50. Version 0.1.8RC1 Released!

The last step always takes the most, phew…. After a dev-days of heavy work ( polishing 😀 ) a version is ready for the volunteer playtesters!

Check out some gameplay videos: (Note: The current version has higher quality music already)

Expedition v0.1.8 Call For Playtesters

Hello everybody!

After one and a half month of development, the new version of “Expedition: The New World” is getting closer to release; this is a call for playtesters, if you are interested on trying out this version in order to assure its quality and request enhancements, just contact me!

Your critical feedback in this private version will be much appreciated, and will help make the public version as solid as it must be.

Following is a resumed list of changes in this new version:

  • Graphics version, using an augmented 8×8 tileset made by Oryx
  • Sailing has been completely rehashed, now you control your ships by rotating them, and the wind direction determines your speed.
  • Combat system has been redone, now squads of units tackle each other during a Ranged, Mounted and Melee round. Units can be wounded or killed, depending on their resistance, weapons and armor.
  • Storms now arise, grow and die in the middle of the ocean, destroying careless fleets.
  • Native settlements now abound in the new world, with several different cultures, and they will respawn enemy expeditions when they are hostile. They can also be ransacked after the local population has been slaughtered.
  • Weather, Wind direction, temperature and doldrums are simulated
  • You can Chop forests for wood now
  • Forests and mountains now block LOS, making exploration more interesting
  • New tunes selection, including a remix by roguebard Jice

What is missing and will be implemented before the public v0.1.8

  • In-game guides
  • Documentation

To access this version, you can contact me at: java.koder@gmail.com

Aprox. Work Time: 154:00 (148:00+6:00)

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