519 years of the New World, version 0.2 released!

After about three months of development, I present you a new version of Expedition!

Download here

A video (There are some others at my channel, santizap)



This version is a big advancement from v0.1.7, here are some highlights:

* Graphics mode, using Oryx 8×8 tiles!
* Wind, Trade Winds and Doldrums
* Storms! They grow and shrink and travel with the wind
* Preset expedition loadouts and difficulty
* Combat has been completely remade, now you fight in groups of 60 units through ranged, mounted and melee phases
* Town making has been revamped, now you build different kind of buildings and host people into it.
* Trade with native settlements
* Assault and threaten native settlements
* Enhanced Sailing (Now you rotate your ships and speed depends on wind direction)
* Wood Chopping
* Foraging and Fishing
* Hint System (In-game help)
* Weather and Temperature
* Lots of other things!

Enjoy it!

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