Expedition: Horseback riding

1. Fixed the situation where it was being of little relevance how many people were in your expedition (workpower requirements were pretty low)

2. You can now use the horses in your expedition. They increase your carry capacity and you can also mount them to increase your attack and get a free round on combat.

You can also use them to change your expedition movement type to “Horseback”, only if you have enough horses for all your units, and you are willing to dismiss their additional carry capacity.

Let's ride!
Let's ride!

3. Have been talking with Mr. Jeff Lait about the possibility of implementing the World Map as a globe (or cube) instead of the current mercator projection. Let’s see what emerges!

Aprox. Work Time: 211:00 (206:00+2:00+3:00) Days 63 and 64

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