Pixal: Buildings

Working on making buildings work, now you can create houses and enter the buildings on the map.

Buildings in the map
Buildings in the map

I have also separated the Arena from the profile page into its own “Building” page.

Arena as a building
Arena as a building

I am also coordinating with a friend the creation of the first world map for pixal 🙂

Next activities:

  • Divide browsing on overworld and zoomed maps
  • Allow steeping over other expeditions on “zoomed” maps
  • Spend walking points while moving on overworld maps
  • House Buildings
  • Construction foundations spending materials
  • Construction jobs (reenable), including posting new jobs for other people to do
  • Add inscriptions to owned items and use them for store prices
  • Shops as buildings: Modify store functionality to use trading, implement merchant “semi ai”
  • Allow trading with other players
  • Allow setting up stores
  • Allow garrisoning expeditions in buildings
  • Allow setting up expedition in defense mode
  • Allow requesting passage to a defense expedition
  • Block movement by defense zone
  • Add monster races
  • Add monster expeditions around valuable resources (test map)

Aprox. Work Time: 251 days, 733:00 (728:00 + 2:00 + 1:00 + 2:00)

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