The future of Expedition: The New World

Having received your generous support over January and February 2011, and thinking on further developing Expedition as one of our main products, we have traced a roadmap for the next versions.

With your continued support, Expedition will become a fun and detailed sandbox of the world in the XV – XIX century; you will be able to conquest the new world, circumnavigate the globe, become a successful spice merchant, become a pirate of the seas, defend your American empire from the invaders, map the whole planet, and more!

We are assigning “stars” to each feature, representing its estimate development effort. Each new version has a total of 9 stars, and its development will be triggered when >= 700USD on funds have been received.

Development of version 0.3 has already started, thanks to the funds received via, and the supporter licenses you have acquired over January!

Version 0.3

  • Add XV Century cities to the map: Only the port of Palos is on the map right now, add other european and african cities. Allow restocking on them. *
  • Resource based production on your cities: Add resources to the map that you can exploit make cities and the production building inside them work based on the nearby resources, create mines and working fields **
  • Add the whole Earth map: Currently the map only covers the Atlantic Ocean, America and a small part of Europe and Asia. Add the whole map so you can travel to India or Japan should you feel adventurous. *
  • Implement a mouse UI. The name says all, this is required to enhance usability and wil allow more people to play the game ****
  • Discovering natural wonders and archaeological sites: So that exploration is more interesting, they are make you famous *

Version 0.4

  • Globe world. Enhance the geometric model of the world so that it’s not flat but a *globe*. This will allow circumnavigation and trips to the poles. ****
  • Hunting and capturing species in the new world: For food and for your pokedex **
  • Map-making: Auto create inaccurate maps from your expeditions, create a giant world map based on the mini-maps you create ***

Version 0.5

  • Commercial traffic in Europe: Add cargo ships traveling between the port cities **
  • Deserts and Frozen areas: Add deserts and polar areas. *
  • Random Map Generator: Generating complete geographic world maps based on a seed word you can share with other expedition players.****
  • Cargo missions: Get paid for carrying goods to other European cities or to the new world once it’s discovered *

Version 0.6

  • Crowns other than the Spanish: English and Portuguese first, then possibly another european powers ****
  • Closeup mode when exploring ancient ruins. A much more classic roguelike mode when exploring ruins. ***
  • Building ships on the new world cities: Allow building ships in the cities you create *
  • Display Enhancements for weather effects: Right now there’s little visual feedback about weather conditions *

Version 0.7

  • Different vegetation (Forest, Jungle): Differentiate between jungles and the different kinds of forest based on precipitation. *
  • Visible seasons: Right now there’s little visual feedback about seasons, make temperature affect how plains, forests and sea are displayed. *
  • Naval battles: Allow engaging in battle at the sea ***
  • Writing messages on the captain’s log. So that you can share your adventures with your friends. *
  • Declaring independence from Spain: Once you have enough cities, declare independence and defend from the Spanish forces. ***

Version 0.8

  • Encounters with other expeditions: Based on the year, allow meeting with other European expeditions in the map, and barter or combat. **
  • El Dorado Quest: Find the mystical city, or die trying ***

Please note that there’s also a repository with a lot of requests for enhancement at our mantis repo, this list is more of a summary of bigger goals, your suggestions are always welcome

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