Expedition v0.3 Released!

Hello all!

Expedition will be a turn based sandbox of the XV Century World. It will take the best from great series like Uncharted Waters, Pirates!, Seven Cities of Gold and Colonization, along with a mix of historical elements of its own. In Expedition you will be able to explore the whole world, trade, combat, settle and discover wonders.

After weeks of development, version 0.3 now ready for the public! This is the first version released by Slashware Interactive as an independent game studio. Remember you can support us by acquiring your supporter license and branding your copy with your name!

Thanks to all the playtesters who helped spot issues and checked the UI for usability!

This version of Expedition is available for free! Please download the game and let us know your suggestions for improvement.

Also remember to like us on facebook  and follow us  to keep up to date with new versions and improvements

You can download the game from the game page, you might also want to check the gameplay video

The whole v0.3 branch seeks to enhance greatly the appearance and usability of the game. This version comes with the following changes from v0.2.2:

  • Full mouse based User Interface
  • Globe map model, simulates the spheroid shape of Earth instead of playing on a flat projection
  • Full screen mode
  • Remade screens for stores, inventory, trade offer and equipment transfer
  • Special effects for raining and storms
  • Preselected landing groups to ease disembarking
  • Units healing and doctors
  • Ship Anchoring
  • Transfer supplies for x days instead of quantity
  • Enhanced battle screens
  • Enhaced keybindings
  • Sea Days Counter
  • Enhanced memory usage
  • Dump Critical Exceptions to log file

Find the full changelog at the mantis repo

Hope to hear your comments!

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