Expedition v0.3.1 released!

A new version of Expedition is now available! just in time for the 2011 Annual Roguelike Release Party!

Thanks to the members of the playtesting team, for their feedback and bughunting 🙂

Take a look at the gameplay video for v0.3.1 !

It comes with the following changes (abridged) from v0.3

  • Dual transfer screen for all equipment transfering operations (to caché, to ship, to town, etc)
  • Globe model fixes for expedition and town positioning, increase zoom levels for less funny “gap zones”
  • Allow selling expedition equipment
  • Enhance store screen (bidirectional transfer)
  • Added weapon and armor categories
  • Trading food with natives is now possible
  • Make stores restock
  • Allow controlling volume for SFX and Music
  • Fixes on combat scoring and morale bonuses
  • Show wood costs over the building plan
  • Enhanced rainfall animation
  • Fix exponential food gathering on colonies
  • Fix unit-picking algorithm for combat

Expedition works in Windows, Linux and Mac. A Windows JRE bundle is provided.

Download from: http://slashware.net/blog/expedition-the-new-world/

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