I started working on the Script Extractor with the knowledge we have so far…

Screen Shot 2013-08-03 at 10.18.52 AM

Found out the conversation options are inside the same piece of code that the dialog text, which is nice.

Must find out the correct termination sequence for each dialog (I guess it will be some sort of return command) and also the commands which structure the dialog options

Font table

This one is a bit tedious but has to be done, gotta map the font table…

File Offset File Offset Pointer Glyphs
0x11051d 1115421 $A4:B440 Hiragana
0x110700 1115904 $A4:C900 Katakana
0x11171d 1120029 $A5:8300 Kanji, Part 1, 93 kanji (?)
0x111834 1120308 $A5:9A40
0x111900 1120512 $A5:9A80 Kanji, Part 2, 188 kanji
0x111b34 1121076 $A5:C940
0x111c00 1121280 $A5:C980 Kanji, Part 3, 188 kanji
0x111e34 1121844 $A5:F840

As noted already, japanese character are in Shift-JIS order in their respective groups in the tileset. HOWEVER, this is not completely true in the font table, specially for kanji which seems to be grouped on groups of 93 or 188 kanji.

Another issue to make a Shift-JIS mapping apart from the gaps, is the fact that the mapping seems to have two blank spaces between kanji “groups” ( ).

2 thoughts on “Barrab

  1. Two blank spaces? I think that’s really just the result of the site being inconsistent in its distance between rows of kanji. Sometimes, it jumps back and repeats a code, this time leaving it blank. Or other jumps around.

    Without going into all of the details of “why”, try this. Add 0x8140 to fonttableIndex and try using the result as a SJIS code.

    I must have slipped up when I did the research a while back; unlike what I commented on the “Yolaru” post, the blank space gap between the kana section and the kanji sections was actually enough to cover the gap in SJIS codes.

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