Runner up for DND1 contest, and the public release of JSTTY

DND1 Contest winners were just announced by Lord British, and my entry happily ended up as a runner-up ^_^


Aside from the cool runner up perks (I particulary love the Collector Box including Trinket, Cloth Map and old school manual, and physical media for the game and the OST  :’)) , the best prize for me was being able to interact with Richard Garriott in many ways, and being given an opportunity to recreate an amazing piece of video games history. It was a wonderful community effort with a lot of people cooperating by transcoding the source, sharing ideas on how it worked and trying to figure it out. Thank you all!

If you want to play it by any chance, I recommend you take a look at the ultra complete illustrated manual, as well you might want to check out my own remake, DNDX, which may be less hard to your brain.

Thanks again to the cool guys at Portalarium, and be sure to check out Shroud of the Avatar if, by any chance, thou hast not!

winnerAlso, as promised, I’d like to publicly introduce JSTTY, the TTY display emulator for JavaScript I used for my entry and remake. It’s open source, you can find it here

With JSTTY you can simulate keyboard input as well as output in a teletype machine via a very simple API, I might write a tutorial soonish, in the meantime I’ll just say it’s as simple as:

  1. Create a HTML file with a canvas element, referencing jstt.js
  2. Initialize a JSTT object, referencing the id of the canvas element
  3. Use the print, printLine and inkey methods from the object

There’s a sample of how it works inside the project, it’s pretty simple 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 7.17.45 PM


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