We need a pixel artist

Different height stuff
Different height stuff

Exodus Destiny continues working on the engine while Orlando’s been working on the design for the first level.

A preliminary draft for the first level
A preliminary draft for the first level

Newest additions to the engine include interacting with objects using the mouse, as well as varying height walls and objects. He also continues on his quest for perfect behaving angled walls. Check it out

WE NEED A PIXEL ARTIST! This is critical for the project to continue onward! Are you a hardcore Ultima fan with awesome pixel skillz? you are welcome into the project! We need:

  • 64×64 Textures for the levels: Walls, floors and other level adornments
  • 64×64 Animated sprites for the enemies
  • User Interface frame (320×200)

3 thoughts on “We need a pixel artist

  1. What should the frame look like, shall there be any specific UI elements (is the interface even mature enough to know such a thing already, is the usability sketched out) ?

    Just drop me an email and I’ll might help out a bit 😉

    1. Hi!

      The idea for the frame would be something similar to Ultima Underworld 2, but inspired on the Age of Ultima IV.

      The interface isn’t really mature enough today, but maybe we can start conceptualizing the frame!

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