IRLDB: International Roguelike Database, revived

The IRLDB is a web app made by Zeno. It’s integrated with both RogueBasin (using it as a data source for roguelikes info) and the Roguetemple Forums (using it as an identity source).

Since roguetemple has seen many migrations because of different issues, the IRLDB had been down for some months now… but now it’s up again!

Its main feature allows searching roguelikes by different criteria such as name, developer, theme, development status and more.


However, another interesting feature it has it that it allows players to rate the different roguelikes and their experience playing them, keeping a profile of sort for them. (You need to create an account in the roguetemple forums for this to work)


You can also check all the feedback that has been given to a game


All in all, an impressive hybrid app which is still very useful to the community after almost 8 years. Thank you Zeno!

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