NovaMundi – Week 84 Dev Update

This week, we worked in the entire flow to select scenario and sponsor, and give them different starting quests, items and starting location. This also included a new screen for “Land Selection”, dreaming on a future where we could provide more worlds to explore in addition to The Emerald Jungle.

On the content side, we focused on adding more content for the “Tqnda” scenarios including two units (Explorer and Warrior) and models for their exploration camp.

Tqnda is a fictional culture inspired by the Muisca. When playing with them your group will move quicker through the jungle and will have an increased chance of foraging medicinal plants and bonus to their effects.

We also did a lot of internal work in order to be able to create the new “Inventory” popup, from where you will be able to use items.

Some other smaller changes included allow using Ctrl to extend selection of units in the “combat” mode, this is in preparation for the “Zoomed Exploration” mode (that’s the way you’ll be able to explore caves, temples, and other cool places). There were also some minor fixes in the procedural portrait composition to make hair color match beard and eyebrows.

Another big, non technical change, was re-categorizing the game as a Survival Adventure game instead of “Strategy”, after lots of debate within the team we believe this more clearly reflects its style of gameplay.

That’s it for Week 84! Please remember to follow us on Steam, and add the game to your wish list if you like it.

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