Game Carnival 2021

Organized by XSolla, previously known as Game Developers Carnival (probably renamed to avoid confusion/issues with GDC)?

This year they opted-in for a cloud-based solution which I think was a great idea.

The basic premise remained the same from last year, a highly detailed 3d space where you can move freely visiting booths, attending talks and chatting with people including casual meetings but also B2B organized via Meet2Match. This year they incorporated improvements such as avatar customization and improved/streamlined info on the booths.

One thing that was removed or at least is not very prominent are the mini-games. No karting, no hang-gliding, you are here in business. I actually approve of this change since the games were buggy and half-baked last year.

As I mentioned, the jump to use a cloud-based solution I think is a step on the right direction, last year it was just asking for a lot, for business people to have readily available gaming rigs and pre-install a heavy client, etc. I had some big issues with framerate drops tho, which I believe could have been alleviated by automatically degrading the quality level so that the framerate remained constant.

This year it was a single world containing all the booths which was interesting because it felt much bigger. Here is a somewhat long video of my 2021 experience (apologies in advance for the drops in microphone volume in some spots)

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