Tales of NovaMundi – Week 128

NovaMundi is available on Steam Early Access! GET IT NOW (or wishlist it) if you like what you see!

For the past two weeks, we produced two versions, v0.32.1 and v0.32.2

Characters and Dialogs

The characters on the towns have been renamed to more accurate Muisca names, and the Spanish dialogs for four of them have been improved greatly including embedded Muisca language words. One of them has been translated to English too. I still need to integrate and translate the remaining redesigned dialogs.


The “Spectacled Bear” now dwells in the cold Andes highlands.

Also added the “Solitary Eagle”, although it’s not a very common sight in this area of the Andes, and tweaked the logic to spawn all existing fauna (reduced chances and spawn ranges, prevent spawning while expedition resting).

Combat / Misc

  • 3X attack bonus on the first attack to “Charging” units (puma, spectacled bear and Spanish cavalry)
  • Tweak grass appearance
  • New visuals for clubs for Guardians


I was interviewed by Diego Celis for Divulgark, a group dedicated to research, conservation and diffusion of the archeological patrimony of Colombia. It was a pretty good interview and we got to show the game to a lot of people. You can see it here in Spanish: LINK.

This led to a conversation with Jorge Gamboa, coordinator of the “History Group” of the ICANH (Colombian Institute of Anthropology and History). He brought some interesting points about the historical context of the game, which served to strengthen my ideas about the mission of the player inside the game: uniting the Muisca territory as a nation. The biggest threat the player faces is not the Spanish invaders, but rather the deep divisions between the Muisca.

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