FormulaProc: The End of Season 1

Here’s a somewhat late update on the events that happened at the end of Season 1 of FormulaProc. We ran 3 events before dropping the torch and going into hiatus as we missed the start of the Formula 1 2022 season because of running out of energy and having some external factors intervene, we have missed three races now but we want to jump in with some much-needed improvements.

This update is divided into two parts: The improvements in the simulator, and the details of the events we ran.

Simulated Events

We ran 3 events for the Mexican, Brazil, and Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. I continued trying my best to narrate the events, and we also made posters for Mexico and Brazil. When we reached Abu Dhabi we had basically run out of energy for promotion so there was no poster.

In addition to the main events, I also ran exhibitions for Mexico (winners of the Mexican Grand Prix, using the “war” mode) and Brazil (with the drivers of the Formula One 2021 season, extending the list of top drivers to 20).

Simulator Improvements

Mexico: Activated the “cinematic” events, but mixed with the top-down view instead of a full representation of the event both for budget and practical purposes of incremental improvements. This replaced the head-to-head stats of drivers and included having some “emotions” for the drivers, and some logic to make sure the viewer has some time to see each event amidst the chaos that a race can represent.

Some small but important changes were also done in the simulation, implementing a restriction for maximum speed, and scaling brake deceleration to try to obtain more down-to-earth results and more exciting conditions on the track.

The race intro/track info panel was broken down into a sequence of more readable screens as well. And new extended music tracks made by QuietGecko were included.

Brazil didn’t include a lot of changes; however, I gave a first try at the “dialogs”, displaying a speech bubble over one of the drivers, alternating to give the sense of a simple conversation as events unfolded.

And finally, for Abu Dhabi, there were not really any engine changes; the only difference in this race was using a “night mode” where the track is darkened to give the illusion of it happening at dusk.

Getting ready for 2022

After Abu Dhabi, there has been a lot of work in different areas although no new events have happened.

On the visual side, we have created our own hand-crafted models for our open-wheeled Formula-type cars; the designs also include the colors and brands of our first sponsors; I will be revealing these in the upcoming days. We are also revamping the portraits of the characters and their emotions, and creating a new title screen.

On the design side of things; we are giving each driver a different personality which will be reflected in both their driving style and their dialogs and interactions with other drivers. We are also designing new types of events that could happen inside the races.

And that’s it for today’s update! make sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel so you don’t miss the races!

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