NovaMundi: Take your time again [0.39]

NovaMundi is a procedural exploration game with tactical combat in which you lead a group of native warriors and explorers who traverse the vast and dangerous territories of the Andean mountains seeking to unite the Muisca populations against the first wave of Spanish invaders in the XVI century.

NovaMundi is still available on Steam Early Access! GET IT NOW (or wishlist it) if you like what you see!

v0.39.0 doesn’t pack a lot of new features, but comes with some sweet balance changes, stability fixes, and three sidequests.


  • Units now have 50% HP (both party and enemies); besides the impact in balancing, we hope this will also make the combat feel less dull.
  • Archers have 50% Attack
  • Spanish Trailblazers have 2/3 Attack
  • Spanish Trailblazers are now only spawned on Day 5+ (was 3+)
  • Spanish Trailblazers Danger Level is now 5 (Fewer units per battle) (was 3)

Pause is back

After experimenting with combat leaning more into real-time; the pause button is back. The experiment showed a lack of control over the combat that didn’t make it enjoyable and greatly reduced its tactical aspects.

Even so, some efforts were made to make it easier to select units in combat, but there remain some issues to be fixed.


Three new side-quests have been implemented (MQ4, MQ6, and TI6). We also added journal entries for progress over the existing side-quests.

Smaller Caves

Cave systems have been reduced in sight to prevent them from being dull and the player from losing their way. A minimap is on the way to strengthen the cavern’s exploration facet.

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