OpenArthurianX6 – Funded!

Big thanks to all contributors, the project has been funded…. Yay! 😀

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 9.08.50 PM

I’ve confirmed with Jucarave (a.k.a. Exodus Destiny Dragon), and we’ll get to work on this as soon as the campaign is over.

Now that we have reached the base goal, it would be awesome if we manage to hit the stretch goals, here’s an excerpt from the campaign:

Base Goal ($2.000)

We will deliver a free, open source game engine which you can readily use for your project including a content pack (Medieval Fantasy). This version of the engine would not include any tools to manage your game data (characters, monsters, object definitions), everything would be done at code level using data files and Tiled.

Stretch Goals

  • $3.000 – Game editor including Objects and Monsters managers
  • $4.000 – Full game editor including Character and Magic System managers.
  • Beyond – each 500$ will be used to create a new themed content pack (Space, Modern, Futuristic, Western, Steampunk, etc.)

So, if you like this kind of games and would love to see more of them being created, or if you feel you’ll like to develop one yourself, spread the word and contribute if you haven’t 🙂

Really excited to work on this and I’m glad it’s already going to be out there for gamedev enthusiasts to toy around with 😀

OpenArthurianX6 campaign underway, some advancements

I have been working on OpenArthurianX6 a bit, just to be able to show what kind of a game the engine would be able to create once its done (and to actually show people this is for reals :))

I added support for “mobs” than move randomly over the level in what I call the “async” mode; this is the default mode when you are not in battle, and everybody acts freely without a given turn order (note that the movement is still grid-based).


The player is actually a mob too, so he shares the code to move around with the rest of the NPCs.

Making the engine is going to be hard but fun at the same time. So many things to have in mind in what would seem to be a simple thing to the untrained eye 😉

The campaign ends in about a month and it’s a bit quiet lately so please contribute and share it if you find it interesting!!

OpenArthurianX – First week of campaign


The campaign has started strong with big contributions from interesting people I’d like to mention: