OpenArthurian X6 – Pushing forward, slowly.

Campaign update

I worked on the backlog items, finishing the changes so that the player can walk over party members while on exploration mode. I also have WIP in two different fronts: Ranged weapons (with ammunition and rotating projectiles) and fixes on the “alignment” system to distinguish between party members, friendly NPCs and unaligned “animals”.

I was not able to release the alpha version on December, but I’ve set myself to release a public dev version in January, which should be useable to create your own scenarios (even if it’s not going to be very user friendly!)

Both Jucarave and I started the year quite busy, but the good news is Jucarave has committed to push forward the project on February and I believe I will be able to do that too!

Let’s hope for a bigger update next month!

OpenArthurianX6 dev update

Forgot to post here about the latest development of OpenArthurian which actually happened around a month ago 🙂

After that first dev stream I mentioned on the last entry, I did 5 more

Combat is almost done now, pending only adding some projectile effects for ranged combat. Next up is working on level transitions and the chunked world model.

Exodus Destiny also did some work on the game, finishing a first iteration of the Talk module as well as the Pick up / Drop functions (along with the Inventory)

Unfortunately I won’t be able to work a lot in the project for the next couple of weeks since I’ll be flying to San Francisco for the Roguelike Celebration and there’s another private game dev project I’m working on, but I’ll come back strong after that, I promise!

OpenArthurianX6 – Dev news

After all the craze that was 2017 js13k, I went back to my duties with OpenArthurianX6.

So far I’ve been working on the combat system mostly. The game features an hybrid action mode, the “mobs” move around the grid based map, deciding what to do every x millisecond (at first restricted to moving around or sitting idle). First task I took was allowing the transition to combat mode, in which the mobs take turns to act.

To achieve this, I added a synchronization phase where all mobs finish their moves before the actual combat state is established.

Next up was adding the “attack” action, but in order to make it work, a major refactor on how the actions flowed was done. Everything was changed to use promises instead of timers. This will allow to more easily add other actions in the future as well as parallel input modes (keyboard/mouse)

Also implemented some damage calculations based roughly on Ultima 6, and added the corpses to the ground when killed.

Finally, added some simple AI for mobs to seek enemies based on their alignment, for now they just seek the player and attack him. The actual attack action was pretty straightforward to implement for the mobs since they are the same as the player 🙂

I streamed the development of this latter part, you can check it in Slashware’s youtube channel here!

OpenArthurianX6: Design and Planning

I don’t think there’s a perfect way to approach planning this kind of project, so we’ll shoot for one, then once we have done some iterations of it we’ll evaluate and see what’s the best way to continue.

The first iteration of the engine we are looking forward to have is having all basic systems working, keyboard only, desktop only running in a browser.


One facet we are using for planning are actions the player can do


  • Move around the map
  • Pick up an item from the map
  • Examine map
  • Examine item on world
  • Examine mob
  • Read book or world feature (signpost, plaque, etc)
  • Examine world feature (find secrets)
  • Open and Close doors
  • Doors with keys
  • Doors opening with buttons / levers combinations


  • Talk with a NPC
  • Asking a NPC to join the party
  • Talk with a Party member
  • Ask a Party member to leave the party


  • Check the status of a party member
  • Set the Tactics / Manual for a party member


  • Check the inventory of a party member
  • Drop an item on the map
  • Move an item on the inventory to a container on the inventory
  • Move an item on the inventory to a party member
  • Move an item on the map to a container on the map
  • Check a container on the map
  • Pick up an item from a container to the inventory
  • Examine item on inventory
  • Use item on inventory


  • Enter and leave combat mode
  • Attack an enemy within melee distance
  • Attack a far away enemy

Engine Aspects

A second facet of planning corresponds to some features of the engine which may or may not be related to the player actions.


Moving around the map is a capability, but managing and displaying the maps themselves is an important aspect of the engine.

  • Overlay layers
  • Map transitions
  • Multiple stories
  • Day and Night Cycle


  • Follow player
  • Select action in combat mode (AI)
  • Select action in peace mode (AI)
  • Schedules
  • Action scheduling in Peace mode
  • Action scheduling in Combat mode

Use Item effects

  • Recover HP (% or fixed value, mob or party)
  • Recover MP (% or fixed value, mob or party)
  • Recover hunger (% or fixed value, mob or party)
  • Enter music mode (Play instrument with keys 0 to 9)

Use Feature effects

  • Light / Extinguish
  • Open or close door
  • Set puzzle flag

Use mob effects

  • Milk cow

The Future – Other iterations


  • Make camp
  • Board a vehicle
  • Move around in a land vehicle
  • Move around in a sea vehicle
  • Move around in a air vehicle
  • Repair a vehicle
  • Attack and object on the world
  • Ride mount

OpenArthurianX6 Campaign Finished

After two months, we managed to raise $3,236 USD (161% of the initial goal). This will allows us to develop the engine and some tools to make it easier to create the games.

Thanks to all the contributors! I have arranged a meeting of dragons and other monsters to celebrate!

OpenArthurianX9 Contributors
All 49 contributors to the campaign

Here’s the list of all contributors! If you want to remove yourself, change your name (or include your dragon name) or put some more info. Get in touch via twitter 🙂

Black Dragons


  • Joshua Steele – Wiltshire Dragon
  • Aaron Curtis – Dark Wraith Dragon
  • C. Bruner – Spoony Spoonicus – A lover of classic RPGs with some sweet Ultima Let’s Play
  • Kenneth Kully – WTF Dragon – Maintainer of The Ultima Codex


  • Paul Lester – Vanzilar Dragon


  • Adam Westlake
  • Alec Nunn
  • Claus Kick
  • Cody Baxter
  • Devon Scott-Tunkin
  • Erwin Wolf
  • Frank Wolter – Sir Cabirus Dragon
  • Joseph Drasin – Unseen Dragon – Organizer of the Festival of the Silver Serpent
  • John Hosie – Houston Dragon
  • Madjack McMad
  • Neil Graham
  • Olivier Guinart
  • Paul Leone
  • Sir John- Serendipitous Dragon – German Ultima Games Translator


  • Browncoat Jayson
  • Helgraf Dragon
  • Jason Spangler
  • Jonathan
  • Markus Moenig


  • Christopher S Wilson
  • dgray038
  • Edgar Garcia Hernandez – Dungeon Master
  • Gallara Dragon – Leader of the Ultima Dragons Internet Chapter
  • J. G.
  • Jason Brock
  • Matt Kimmich
  • Nathan Jerpe – Developer of Legerdemain
  • Nick Walton
  • Noncho Savov
  • Roberto A Rivera
  • Ryan Szrama – Developer of Drupal Commerce
  • An anonymous Gargoyle



Sprint 1 starts next week! I’ll post an update of the project plans before that.

OpenArthurianX6 – Funded!

Big thanks to all contributors, the project has been funded…. Yay! 😀

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 9.08.50 PM

I’ve confirmed with Jucarave (a.k.a. Exodus Destiny Dragon), and we’ll get to work on this as soon as the campaign is over.

Now that we have reached the base goal, it would be awesome if we manage to hit the stretch goals, here’s an excerpt from the campaign:

Base Goal ($2.000)

We will deliver a free, open source game engine which you can readily use for your project including a content pack (Medieval Fantasy). This version of the engine would not include any tools to manage your game data (characters, monsters, object definitions), everything would be done at code level using data files and Tiled.

Stretch Goals

  • $3.000 – Game editor including Objects and Monsters managers
  • $4.000 – Full game editor including Character and Magic System managers.
  • Beyond – each 500$ will be used to create a new themed content pack (Space, Modern, Futuristic, Western, Steampunk, etc.)

So, if you like this kind of games and would love to see more of them being created, or if you feel you’ll like to develop one yourself, spread the word and contribute if you haven’t 🙂

Really excited to work on this and I’m glad it’s already going to be out there for gamedev enthusiasts to toy around with 😀