The Story So Far…

So, based on what we know so far… (thanks to Vehek from

Font is stored in GB format (2bpp); roman characters + japanese kana begin at 0x00122480


And then comes kanji (in-game dialog is in Kanji, kana is only used for some texts)


Vehek says the text doesn’t seem to be stored as simple indexes (perhaps due to the the fact that characters are composed of 4 sprites? or that there are so many kanji, or both). Nonetheless, I think knowing the order the font is on will help figure out where sprites are loaded in memory.

My (first) plan is to eventually replace kanji tiles with 2 roman letter combinations, that may make things easier IF we manage to build equivalence table(s) in some way.

Thoughts? corrections? comment!

Start New Game!

So, I’m teaming up with Dungy Dragon (and his wife :P) to translate the “Ultima: The Savage Empire” SNES ROM into Engrish… wish us luck, we are gonna need heaps of it!

This will be a great challenge… the technical efforts are far from straightforward, but that’s the fun! traditional romhacking methods won’t work so this will require lots of patience and probably building off some custom tools.

So far I’m mostly fleshing out my ROMHacking skills, remember a bit about Japanese scripts and bugging out Dungy so we can start off somewhere…

Some links:

A mockup

A dream to be made true someday