ZeldaRL: Weapons of the Hylian [0.10.0]

A new version of ZeldaRL is available after a single day! I couldn’t help it and added some much needed variety to the combat system, along with procgen improvements. You can play it online at https://slash.itch.io/zeldarl, and check out the (old, ugly) source code at https://github.com/slashman/zeldarl/. Contributions are welcome!

  • Add new weapons, armor, and shields, and place them in the dungeons 
  • Add variability to combat via random damage and defense ranges.
  • Remove dungeon doors
  • Change the appearance of trees for readability
  • Play get GFX and show the items description the first time you pick it up 
  • Only add blood if not blocked
  • Fix/update texts in the ending

ZeldaRL: Balance of the Kingdom [0.9.0]

A new version of ZeldaRL is available after quite a bit! its development was given some push due to the new Zelda game being out. You can play it online at https://slash.itch.io/zeldarl, and check out the (old, ugly) source code at https://github.com/slashman/zeldarl/. Contributions are welcome!

The game has been renamed to just ZeldaRL dropping the “Rainbow Maiden” subtitle as it was never something tangible that you could find as part of the narrative development of the game (just a random nod to someone from my distant past that is no longer part of my life).

Let’s start with the visuals: out-of-sight tiles are now displayed as grayed out, and there were many, many changes in the characters representing the world, seeking to improve map readability.

After the gameplay session of 0.8.1, a lot of balancing changes were done to make the game more enjoyable; the player now starts with double heart quantity, and the heart containers you acquire when winning a level now add 6 max hearts instead of 2. Hearts are now capped to 80, and the minimum max hearts value (if you die a lot) is now 10 instead of 6.

Also, the dungeons are now populated with more recovery potions, and a critical change to remove all spawned enemies from the level when you died finally should make exploring the overworld more possible during the endgame.

Before the fix, enemies would just pile up and make your life very miserable

In the audio aspect, there were two minor but important changes: I added a “step” sound effect (from Emerald Woods), which should provide better feedback when you are moving around, and I also swapped the overworld “Light World” midi with a better quality file so it’s less annoying.

I fixed a bug that was causing the shield to never be used (!) so now it’s back to action and having a 20% chance of blocking attacks which will add some uncertainty and variety to combat; additionally, there is now a 100% chance to block ranged attacks with a shield when facing the attack direction, which you can use to approach ranged enemies. This required altering the HUD to display the last movement direction.

I hope you enjoy this new version! please join the discord if you want to discuss it!

ZeldaRL 0.8 released, after 15+ years!

15 years ago, I participated in the 7DRL challenge creating a roguelike version of The Legend of Zelda.

It worked, but there was something bugging me year after year: from what I saw, permadeath just didn’t work very well with this game since it really prevented the player from fully exploring the generated overworld; diminishing its value because it was just too damn hard to finish it in a single run.

This version brings is the complete removal of permadeath, along with the following changes:

  • Run by default using the Swing console mode.
  • Resize font when window size changes in Swing Console mode. 
  • Add support for win 64bit libjcurses.
  • Change appearance for shallow water 

You can find it at https://slash.itch.io/zeldarl. Here’s also a video of me playing and doing some work on it!