ZeldaRL: Weapons of the Hylian [0.10.0]

A new version of ZeldaRL is available after a single day! I couldn’t help it and added some much needed variety to the combat system, along with procgen improvements. You can play it online at https://slash.itch.io/zeldarl, and check out the (old, ugly) source code at https://github.com/slashman/zeldarl/. Contributions are welcome!

  • Add new weapons, armor, and shields, and place them in the dungeons 
  • Add variability to combat via random damage and defense ranges.
  • Remove dungeon doors
  • Change the appearance of trees for readability
  • Play get GFX and show the items description the first time you pick it up 
  • Only add blood if not blocked
  • Fix/update texts in the ending

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